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« Go confident in the direction of your dreams »

Hi everyone I'm Francesca, 22 years old, italian girl. Usually I don't like talk about me because I don't know what I have to say ahahaha. I play football, swimming pool, zumba fitness and gym and I love stay with my friends. If you want to talk or let off steam I'm at your disposal, I love to listen to the people ♥

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  • « There are three phases to awareness: to look, to see and to perceive. A camera looks. A mind sees. A heart perceives »

    Make me choose <3

    Send me a request of gif or a Make Me Chiose challenge and, when I come back from America, I’ll answer with a set gif❤️Come on send me whatever you want❤️

    ps. for who sent me the request don’t worry when I come back I’ll do sure also their :)

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    Request and Challenge ♥

    Have some request of A&A gif ? Send me (also under anonymous don’t worry ♥) a private message and I’ll do it for you ♥ or send me a “Make Me Choose Challenge” (I LOVE those ♥) and I’ll answer with a set gif ♥

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    Laura Marano having her own Disney Movie or Musical Clip on Vevo

    What video is ??? *^*

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    Request time ♥


    Have you some request of A&A gif ? Send me a message and I’ll make it for you ;D ♥ I have nothing to do so I’m at your service :D ♥ … send me without problem with requests if you want ♥ … or if you want send me “Make Me Choose” and I’ll answer with a set gif ♥

    Now I go sleep but, always if and when you want, you send me privately all your request don’t worry ♥

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    You’re MINE *-* ♥

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    « La felicità si può trovarla anche nei momenti più bui, se solo qualcuno … si ricorda di accendere la luce »


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    Riker Lynch: Most Adorable Person Award

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